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Make your path to one of the most exciting events of the season in one of the most exciting cities in the world … get inspired – be inspiring!

National Conference 2015

July 10-12, 2015 • Hyatt Regency O’Hare


Come ready to get energized, get motivated and get inspired! Agenda is subject to change and will continue to evolve as we get closer to the event.

Friday, July 10

Pre-conference Manager ONLY Event (To be announced)

12:00 pm General Session

8:00 pm Dinner (on your own)

Saturday, July 11

8:00 am Breakfast

(morning) Workshops

12:00 pm Lunch

3:00 pm General Session

7:00 pm Truffles Reception

8:00 pm Truffles Awards Dinner

Sunday, July 12

8:00 am Breakfast

9:00 am General Session

12:00 pm Departure


It's always more fun to attend with friends! Check back often to see who's coming!

Abby Helin
Abigail Farber
Amanda Marker
Amanda Young
Amelia Challender
Amy Connell
Amy Graziano
Amy Lindsay-Eells
Andrea Ditonno
Andrea Mahoney
Andrea Watson
Angela Ensrud
Angela Freeland
Angela Schmid
Anna Mendoza
April Radican
Aubrey Middleton
Barbara Hollock
Barbara Marquart
Becky Coppola
Beth Borecky
Betty Williams
Brigit Greuel
Caela Sachtjen
Carrie Record
Cassandra Megginson
Cassie Borda
Catherine Barr
Catherine Canaday
Cathy Kozak
Cecelia Rivera
Charlene Becker
Cherese Prince
Cheryl Demusz
Cheryl Dipiero
Cheryl Roseland
Chris Meredith
Christine Krebs
Cindi Dunscomb
Cindy Mello
Cindy Santucci
Clarissa Lamont
Coleen Davis
Dana Smith
Daniella Malin-Mattis
Darlene Brumley
Dawn Coons
Deborah Poremba
Denise Huffman
Denise Trimble
Diane Wasney
Donna Bautch
Elisabeth Horan
Emily Garcia
Emma Thacker
Erica Bates
Erin Garcia
Erin Keane
Erin Knott
Gina Goldberg
Gina Johansen
Hayley Neal
Heather Baraldi
Heather Jarvas
Hope Culbertson
Idette Guerrero
Jamie Blankenship
Jamie Kostyak
Jamie Smith
Jeanette Kapusto
Jeffrey Brossard
Jennifer Barum
Jennifer Crain
Jennifer Farrell
Jennifer Fitzgerald
Jennifer Offenbacher
Jennifer Pierce
Jennifer Salac
Jennifer Sennett
Jennifer Stone
Jessica Dyer
Jessica Fragnito
Jessica Jones
JoAnn Long-Hilleshiem
Joanne Longoria
Joetta Carroll
Johanna Soard
Joy Weaver
Judy Wright
Julie Lampley
Kandas Young
Karen Azzarello
Karen Chernichky-Simpson
Karleen Torrance
Katarzyna Corwin
Kathleen Herlache
Kathy Jones
Kay Thibodeaux
Kayla Moore
Kimberly Hurst
Kimberly Martin
Kimberly Moynihan
Kristina Nimz
Kristy Miller
Laura Miller
Leslie Jones
Lin Putnam
Lisa Kiger
Lisa Maly
Lisa Martinez
Lori Harrison
Marcia Serio
Margaret Long
Maria Williams
Marian Royall
Marie Mayes
Marisa Martins
Mary Walker
Melissa Alexander
Melissa Meyers
Michael Friedman
Michelle Carlier
Miranda Friedman
Molly Leu
Monica Garris
Nadia Krantz
Nancy Clemenson
Nancy Ortinau
Nichole Evans
Nicole Cowen
Nicole Domico
Nicole Drown
Pamela Bilyak
Pamela Mann
Pamela Nagel
Patricia Segal
Pauline Cheung
Pauline Martin
Rebecca Glidden
Rebecca Mason
Rebecca Morris
Rebecca Richardson
Rebecca Tait
Rebekah Cowne
Regan Rishel
Regina Swigert
Renee Piercy
Renetta Hughes
Rhonda Lampe
Ricki Going
Roanne Bacchus
Robert Lorello
Rose Mitchell
Roxana Mortimer
Ruth Lamb
Sally Valenti
Sandra Maxwell
Sandra Mounts
Sara Borton
Sara Casey
Sarah James
Sarah Swenson
Scott Witzke
Shari Khudanyan
Sharlene Mitchell
Sharon Willis
Shelley Whitmarsh
Shelly Lehman
Sheri Byrne-Haber
Sherree Adams
Stacy Kolafa
Stephanie Assmus
Stephanie Baker
Stephanie Weinberger
Susan Groesbeck
Susan Hazelton
Susan Riles
Susan Utter
Tabitha Rice
Tamara Zaragoza
Tamera Green
Tami Mathis
Tammi Kontra
Tammy Renaud
Tara Marquardt
Tara Rogness
Teresa Villalobos
Teri Selick
Theresa Aubele
Theresa Upton
Theresa Wendrickx
Therese Bechtel-Storti
Tonia Heng
Tracey Steward
Traci Garrity
Tracy McDonald
Tracy Nickison
Vanessa O'Rourke
Veronica Mykols
Vicki Chase
Vickie Lopeman
Virginia Palumbo
Wanda Coker
Windy Dix


No matter how long you've been in direct sales or with DCD, there's always something new to learn. Check back soon for an overview of topics and presenters.


Coming to conference? Wouldn't miss it for the world? Tell us why. Send your testimonial to and we'll post it here.

This year I get to spend time with my far-flung team! Six states and counting – so excited to have them all in one place and soak up the team spirit!

Susan Groesbeck

I wouldn’t miss it for the world! It is so inspiring. You get to meet other Chocolatiers. Hear what others are doing. Don’t miss it! Plus it is tax deductible!

Betty Williams

I’m going because it’s time to start this chocolate train and quit “playing”. First stop – chi-town for conference!!!! Hope to take a TEAM in 2016!

Rebecca Morris

Still new, so want to go to learn more and meet new people. This is my 1st conference and the first time in 19 years I’ll get a small vacation in the summer!!!

Kimberly Martin

I just started my journey with DCD January 28th and love it already, so I would just like to gain more knowledge of the company, so I can continue my path with DCD and better myself in the company. SO EXCITED!!

Kandas Young

The information you learn at conference is the best! Nothing charges you up to make things happen in your business like conference does. It’s also some of the most fun I have all year long, spending time with my own team, other Chocolatiers and home office!

Leslie Jones

I can’t wait to attend conference this year!   I have attended several conferences – every year it renews me and my business beyond belief… information, training and friendships that it can not be found anywhere else.

Sandy Maxwell

I feel so proud to be sitting amongst my team at Conference. It has no dollar amount for the love and wisdom they feel and what they learn by being there.

Theresa Wendrickx

Spending time with my leaders means more to me than I can put into words! I’m reminded of some of the “whys” for doing this business and the support i have from so many people.

Gina Johansen

Conference gives me an opportunity to focus on me and my business without the distraction of life. The men and women there are amazingly authentic and believe in this opportunity, but more so, believe in the those around them and their dreams!

Heather Jarvas

It’s next to impossible to get this motivation from this many sources in every day life. Conference makes me feel appreciated and appreciative, too.

Ricki Going

Conference is a feel good experience – a must do – you walk away energized and you bring that excitement back to your team. This energy makes you and your team stronger. We’re part of something BIG – and we’re just getting started.

Scott Witzke

Thank you, all of you, for making DCD the best opportunity in the DSA world!

Lynn MacDonald

I am still on my DCD conference high! I walked in the door without even unpacking, cracked open my laptop and started on getting those points for the trip and expanding my business.

Stacy Manns

It was a true Cinderella weekend! I am so glad I made the choice to invest in my business, attend Conference and get to have such an enriched page in my life’s journey. Here’s to more of the SWEET LIFE!

Sarah James

I have so many favorite things about conference! Seeing my friends and making new, learning new ideas and the excitement of the new products!!

Jessica Jones


Hyatt Regency O'Hare

9300 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Rosemont, IL 60018
(847) 696-1234


Reserve Your Room →

$129/night + taxes

To assure your room rate and availability, please make your reservations as soon as possible.


Self Parking: $12/day (thats half-price regular rate)


Full service, 24/7 FedEx Business Center on-site (with Wi-Fi high-speed Internet access)

Wi-Fi Internet access in all guest rooms

Complimentary 24-hour access to on-site gym

Fun, food and fancy stores located steps away from your hotel

Perks - On-site Starbuckscoffee/bagels/sandwiches/bakery



Registration Fees

Date Price
PLC Attendees ONLY Ends 2/13 $100.00
EXTRA Early Bird Registration (for Chocolatiers & Guests) Ends 2/13 $125.00
Early Bird Registration (for Chocolatiers & Guests) 2/14 - 3/20 $150.00
Regular Registration (for Chocolatiers & Guests) 3/21 - 5/31 $175.00
Late Registration (for Chocolatiers & Guests)  6/1 - 7/11 $200.00
Friday Dinner Guest $75.00


How to Register

  • Log on to the Chocolatier Connection and scroll down to Learn & Develop> Conference Registration.
    • Select Registration from the Select a Category drop down menu.
    • Choose your registration type and click Add to Order.
    • Registration ends on 7/11/15 at Midnight PDT. You don't want to miss this event!
  • Click here for Conference Terms and Conditions. Updated: January 2014


Tips for keeping costs down

  • Register early to receive the BIGGEST conference discount.
  • Book your air flight sooner rather than later. Check out some of the online discount travel websites; e.g.,,, and
  • Share rides with friends and fellow Chocolatiers to and from airports to cut down on taxi/shuttle fees.
  • Keep hotel expenses down by sharing a room with your fellow Chocolatiers. Most hotel rooms can accommodate four people – that's ¼ the cost.
  • Check with your accountant, all of your expenses may be tax deductible