National Conference 2016

July 22-24, 2016 • Hyatt Regency, Denver, Colorado

Take Your Business to New Heights!

National Conference is your chance to learn from the best in the field! You’ll bond with teammates from all over the country and gain experiences to elevate your business!


Thursday, July 21

12:00p-2:30p             Registration Open for All

12:00p-2:30p             Company Store Open for All

2:30p-7:00p               Johnson & Wales Culinary School Experience (Earned event)

Friday, July 22

8:00a-1:00p               Registration Open for All

8:00a-9:45a               Company Store Open for Managers & Above Only

10:00a-12:30p           Company Store Open for All

10:00a-1:00p             Manager’s Workshop and Lunch

1:30p-4:30p               General Session

4:30p-6:00p               Company Store Open for All

Evening on own

Saturday, July 23

7:30a-8:45a               Company Store Open for All Attendees

7:30a-8:45a               Special Breakfast with President John Wyckoff (Invite only)

7:30a-8:45a               Breakfast for All Attendees

9:00a-12:00p             Workshops

12:00p-1:00p             Lunch for All Attendees

12:00p-1:30p             Company Store Open for All Attendees

1:30p-3:30p               General Session

3:30p-5:30p               Company Store Open for All Attendees

                5:00p-9:30p               Truffles Gala Dinner

5:00p-5:45p               Truffles Gala Reception

5:00p-5:45p               Special Reception with President John Wyckoff (Earned event)

9:30p-11:00p             Awards Dinner Dance Party

Sunday, July 24

7:30a-8:45a               Sweet Shoppe Breakfast with President John Wyckoff (Earned event)

7:30a-8:45a               Breakfast for All Attendees

9:00a-12:00p             General Session

12:00p                      Conference Concludes

Also, take a glance and see why you should get your team to Denver!



It’s always more fun to attend with friends! Check back often to see who’s coming!

Abby Helin

Abigail Farber

Adele Cliff

Aimee Hasbrook

Allyson Jensen

Alycia Knight

Amanda Leppke

Amanda Marker

Amanda Reeves-Montoya

Amanda Schuler

Amber Hyink

Amber Lee-Wolford

Amber-Lee Dunn

Amelia Challender

Amy Aymar

Amy Carter

Amy Connell

Amy Ellis

Amy Graziano

Amy Hess

Amy Kaplan

Amy Levine

Amy Lindsay-Eells

Amy-Lynne Berry

Andrea Fish

Andrea Watson

Angela Seabrook

Angela Browning

Angela Clan

Angela Mahan

Angela Schmid

Angie Snider

Ann Torcivia

Ann Wilson

Anna Mendoza

Annette Entz

Ashley Kvistad

Ashley Princivalli Wheeler

Aubrey Middleton

Autumn Sanders

Barbara Hollock

Barbara Hummel

Barbara Marquart

Beth Winger

Bobbie Jo Lytle

Bonita Lynne Berry

Bonnie Staton

Brandy Payne

Brenda Roegner

Cara Hausman

Cara Vandenberg

Carly Kadlick

Carolee Ornbaun

Catherine Barr

Catherine Canaday

Cecelia Rivera

Cecily Mclaughlin

Chanda Brewer

Charlene Demetrops

Cherese Prince

Cherie Flowers

Cheryl Dipiero

Cheryl Fraser

Cheryl Roseland

Christina Morris

Christine Gillar

Cindi Dunscomb

Cindy Santucci

Claire Hale

Clarissa Lamont

Claudia Rolfs

Crystal Murray

Damien Sparks

Dana Behler

Danielle Lavoie

Daria Montagano

Darlene Brumley

Darlene Brumley

Darlene Roessner

Dawn Coons

Deana Clark

Deanna Brumbaugh

Deborah Brandl

Deborah Poremba

Delana Wood

Denise Huffman

Denise Rash

Denise Sowell

Devonie Ferguson

Donna Fleetwood

Dyann Sheffield

Eleanor Shields

Elisabeth Horan

Elizabeth Steinhaus

Ellen Contard

Ellen Youmans

Emily Boehler

Erica Bates

Erin Garcia

Estelle Stanton

Eunice De Lapena

Faith Blatzer

Fontana Donovan

Geralyn Mulholand

Giana Thompson

Gina Peters

Gina Peters

Gloria Gibson

Heather Feighner

Heather Parker

Helena Stafford

Holly Brooks

Hollys Omlid

Jackie Avis

Jacqueline Todd

Jamie Blankenship

Jamie Gerlt-Morris

Jane White

Janet K Thompson

Janet Swords

Janet Wioskowski

Jean Parker

Jean Ray

Jeanne Crane-Shepherd

Jeannie Thompson

Jenna Gooley

Jennifer Barum

Jennifer Bell

Jennifer Brocato

Jennifer Crabtree

Jennifer Crain

Jennifer Cree

Jennifer Ervin

Jennifer Farrell

Jennifer Fitzgerald

Jennifer Hovland

Jennifer Newcomb

Jennifer Seitz

Jennifer Sennett

Jennifer Waldrop

Jenny Clarke

Jessica Jones

Jo Lynn Van Wart

Jo Marie Sellner

JoAnn Long-Hilleshiem

Joanne Longoria

Johanna Morgan

Jolene Abercromby

Jolene Ling

Joni Krupp

Judy Lindhag

Julia Kikta

Julie Holmes

Kacey Bartos

Karen Azzarello

Karen Chernichky-Simpson

Karen Haley-Dumas

Karen Hischke

Karen Miller

Kathi Coates

Kathleen Willingham

Kathryn Smith

Kathy McKean

Kathy Terry

Katie Smith

Katie Walsh

Katrina Guinn

Katrina Jameson

Katrina Ziegenhirt

Kay Thibodeaux

Kellie Stanich

Kelly Mosher

Kelly Shaw

Kellyjo Youngreen

Kendra Feagans

Kim Anderson-Grigg

Kimberley Lindsey

Kimberly Bridges

Kimberly Clark

Kimberly Moynihan

Kira Doty

Kourtnie Mcnally

Kristen Baty

Kristina Nimz

Kristy Salmon

Lakendra Ryman

Latosha Edwards

Laura Beller

Laura Dunn

Laura Lewis

Laura Mondoc

Laura Stansfield

Laurel Scarr-Konel

Laurel-Ann Schrader

Lauren Kopp

Laurie Woodman

Leslie Lott Cerano

Leslie Phipps

Lestra Dagosta

Linda Tomazi

Linda Venters

Lindsey Mullen

Lindy Lucas

Lisa Clayton

Lisa Jacobsen

Lisa Kherwish

Lisa Lagrandier

Lisa Martinez

Lisa Puckett

Lori Harrison

Lori Hogan

Lori Michie

Lucretia Weng

Lynda Hoover

Lynette Hill

Malia Mock

Marcia Handler

Marcy Kiesche

Margaret Ann Marcelino

Maria Taylor

Marian Royall

Marie Mayes

Marisa Martins

Marra Johnson

Martin Giordano

Mary Crook

Mary Dell

Mary Jo Wonnacott

Mary Katherine Roberts

Mary Rebecca Hutchens

Meggin Nicolas

Melani Ruotolo

Melissa Alexander

Melissa Buehrer

Melissa Claudio

Melissa Mruzik

Melissa Turner

Michael Friedman

Michelle Belgrave

Michelle Sugrue-Fellows

Miranda Friedman

Miranda Shaffer

Monica Garris

Murraylou McElveen

Nancy Snyder

Natasha Sukup

Nellie Rutherford

Nicole Domico

Nikki Pickett

Pam Conner

Pamela Bilyak

Pamela Frosch

Pamela Howard

Pamela Seals

Pamela White

Patricia Mase

Pauline Cheung

Peggy Way

Phoenix Sagen

Rachel Gonet

Rachel Pratt

Rachelle Powers

Rae Lynn Herbster

Randee Winters

Rebecca Glidden

Rebecca Graham

Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Kruchten

Rebecca Mason

Rebecca Morris

Rebecca Ray

Rebecca Richardson

Rebecca Schaffer

Rebecca Wellner

Renee Herold

Renee Piercy

Renetta Hughes

Ricki Going

Rita Diane Scarnati

Rita Marsh

Robin Warren

Robyn Beavers

Robyn Hanes

Rose Hammer

Roxanne Shelar

Samantha Gray

Samantha Sherrill

Samantha Sneath

Sandra Boyer

Sandra Maxwell

Sandra Mccollum

Sara Borton

Sara McManigle

Sarah Swenson

Sarah Unruh

Savannah Gohr

Scott Witzke

Shannon Geddes

Sharlene Mitchell

Sharon Jacob

Sharon Willis

Shawn Bartos

Shawn Lein

Shelley Whitmarsh

Shera Johnson

Sherree Adams

Sherry Redman

Sherry Stanton

Shirlene Virgils

Stephanie Bland

Stephanie King

Stephanie Weinberger

Susan Hazelton

Susan Riles

Susan Utter

Suzann Skaar

Tamara Zaragoza

Tamme Cook

Tammy Renaud

Tanya Woolums

Tara Marquardt

Tara Rogness

Tarah Anthony

Taylor Woods

Teresa Lehmann

Teresa Villalobos

Teri Selick

Terrie Canada

Theresa Upton

Theresa Wendrickx

Therese Bechtel-Storti

Tiffany Steakley

Tina Giordano

Tina Patch

Toni Pugh

Tosha Gallegos

Tracey Lynn Clark

Traci Lara

Valerie Cahill

Vanessa Stone O’Rourke

Vicki Hess

Vickie Fiscus

Victoria Welch

Wendy Crum-Humburg

Wendy Hodorowski

Windy Dix




















No matter how long you’ve been in direct sales or with DCD, there’s always something new to learn. Our insightful and engaging workshops are tailored by rank level, facilitated by Chocolatier Leaders, and supported by Field Development Managers.

No matter how long you’ve been in direct sales or with DCD, there’s always something new to learn. Our insightful and engaging workshops are tailored by rank level, facilitated by Chocolatier Leaders, and supported by Field Development Managers.

Our workshops are segmented into five groups, allowing us to provide you with the most tailored content – New Chocolatiers and Senior Chocolatiers; Chocolatiers and Senior Chocolatiers; Team Leaders and Senior Team Leaders; Managers and Above; and Guests.

New Chocolatiers and Senior Chocolatiers (those who joined Aug 1, 2015 or later)

Recruiting 101 For New Chocolatiers: This workshop is designed specifically for Chocolatiers who are new to the business. Come learn how to share the best of Dove Chocolate Discoveries and grow your business beyond your wildest imagination.

Party Demo For New Chocolatiers: Have you ever wondered what other Chocolatiers do at their parties to get multiple bookings, higher sales, and find recruit leads? This workshop is designed specifically with you in mind! Come hear from a master on how to get it all done.

Increasing Party/Order totals For New Chocolatiers: When you leave your home to hold a party, don’t you want to make the highest dollar possible? This workshop will show you how to do just that.

Chocolatiers and Senior Chocolatiers

Recruiting For Chocolatiers: This workshop is designed to increase your ability to share our amazing business opportunity. Come hear from the best of the best and learn how they make sure to maximize their recruiting opportunities.

Party Demo For Chocolatiers: Have you ever wondered what other Chocolatiers do at their parties to get multiple bookings, higher sales, and find recruit leads? This workshop is designed specifically with you in mind! Come hear from a master on how to get it all done.

Increasing Party/Order totals For Chocolatiers: When you leave your home to hold a party, don’t you want to make the highest dollar possible? This workshop will show you how to do just that.

Team Leaders and Senior Team Leaders

Recruiting For TL/STL: This workshop is designed to sharpen your recruiting skills so that you become the master recruiter of your team. You will be able to take the workshop skills back to your team and increase your recruiting immediately.

Party Demo For TL/STL: This workshop is specifically designed to help you know how to maximize your time away from home. Come learn how to not only, book, sell, and recruit, but to train your team and host coach at the same time.

Increasing Party/Order totals For TL/STL: This workshop takes your upselling skills to a new level. Come prepared to learn how to use our amazing promotions and products to increase your guest spend and party totals.

Managers and Above

DCD Carnival: This workshop is designed for Managers and above to help you support your team in becoming cultural recruiters. Come learn how to schedule, hold, and prepare for a super fun Dove Chocolate Discoveries Carnival.

Facebook Business Opportunity: This workshop is designed for Managers and above and concentrates on creating platforms for your team to recruit is the focus of this workshop. Come see the new tools that you will have to provide your team with the best Facebook Opportunity events around.

Consumer Insights: This workshop is for Managers and above and is designed by one of our special guests!


Guest Workshop: Join President John Wyckoff as he discusses the state of the business and all the amazing and exciting opportunities we have coming before us.


Coming to conference? Wouldn’t miss it for the world? Tell us why. Send your testimonial to and we’ll post it here.

This year I get to spend time with my far-flung team! Six states and counting – so excited to have them all in one place and soak up the team spirit!

Susan Groesbeck

I wouldn’t miss it for the world! It is so inspiring. You get to meet other Chocolatiers. Hear what others are doing. Don’t miss it! Plus it is tax deductible!

Betty Williams

I’m going because it’s time to start this chocolate train and quit “playing”. First stop – chi-town for conference!!!! Hope to take a TEAM in 2016!

Rebecca Morris

Still new, so want to go to learn more and meet new people. This is my 1st conference and the first time in 19 years I’ll get a small vacation in the summer!!!

Kimberly Martin

I just started my journey with DCD January 28th and love it already, so I would just like to gain more knowledge of the company, so I can continue my path with DCD and better myself in the company. SO EXCITED!!

Kandas Young

The information you learn at conference is the best! Nothing charges you up to make things happen in your business like conference does. It’s also some of the most fun I have all year long, spending time with my own team, other Chocolatiers and home office!

Leslie Jones

I can’t wait to attend conference this year!   I have attended several conferences – every year it renews me and my business beyond belief… information, training and friendships that it can not be found anywhere else.

Sandy Maxwell

I feel so proud to be sitting amongst my team at Conference. It has no dollar amount for the love and wisdom they feel and what they learn by being there.

Theresa Wendrickx

Spending time with my leaders means more to me than I can put into words! I’m reminded of some of the “whys” for doing this business and the support i have from so many people.

Gina Johansen

Conference gives me an opportunity to focus on me and my business without the distraction of life. The men and women there are amazingly authentic and believe in this opportunity, but more so, believe in the those around them and their dreams!

Heather Jarvas

It’s next to impossible to get this motivation from this many sources in every day life. Conference makes me feel appreciated and appreciative, too.

Ricki Going

Conference is a feel good experience – a must do – you walk away energized and you bring that excitement back to your team. This energy makes you and your team stronger. We’re part of something BIG – and we’re just getting started.

Scott Witzke

Thank you, all of you, for making DCD the best opportunity in the DSA world!

Lynn MacDonald

I am still on my DCD conference high! I walked in the door without even unpacking, cracked open my laptop and started on getting those points for the trip and expanding my business.

Stacy Manns

It was a true Cinderella weekend! I am so glad I made the choice to invest in my business, attend Conference and get to have such an enriched page in my life’s journey. Here’s to more of the SWEET LIFE!

Sarah James

I have so many favorite things about conference! Seeing my friends and making new, learning new ideas and the excitement of the new products!!

Jessica Jones


Hyatt-Regency-Denver-Exterior-Night-1280x427Hyatt Regency, Denver at Colorado Convention Center

650 15th Street

Denver, Colorado, USA, 80202

Tel: +1 303 436 1234

Reserve Your Room →

To assure your room rate and availability, please make your reservations as soon as possible.


Hyatt Regency Denver offers both valet and self-parking options based upon availability.

Underground, covered self-parking is located off of 14th and Welton Streets. The parking office for vehicle departure is adjacent to the parking elevators on the lobby floor.

Parking fees:

  • Self-parking: $29 for 5+ hours and overnight per night until 12:30 PM on departure day
  • Valet parking: $39 for 8+ hours and overnight per night until 12:30 PM on departure day
  • Late checkout fees for vehicles parked past 12:30 PM on scheduled departure day may apply


  • 1,100 spacious, newly renovated, non-smoking guestrooms and suites
  • FedEx® Office Business Center
  • Enterprise© Rental Car desk
  • Concierge services
  • Spa Universaire
  • 24-Hour StayFit™ gym
  • Indoor heated pool
  • Outdoor hot tub
  • Altitude Restaurant
  • Strata Bar
  • Peaks Lounge
  • Perks Coffee
  • Adjacent to Colorado Convention Center
  • Free guest room Internet access


Light rail to Union Station $10, free shuttle from union station to hotel.

All ground transportation services at Denver International Airport are located in Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5. For information, call 303 342 2000 or visit the website and click on Ground Transportation.

It is recommended to allow one hour for transportation from Hyatt Regency Denver to Denver International Airport.


  • Cab Service – approximate cost is $51 to airport from downtown and $54.50 from airport to the hotel
  • Limo Service – approximate cost is $60 to $120 (one way, dependent upon company and number of passengers)




Use Cocoa Cash and redeem for registration & hotel rooms.

*Must register for conference by 5/15/16 in order to redeem Sweet Shoppe rewards for hotel nights or registration.

Registration Fees

Date Price
PLC Attendees ONLY Ends 2/9 $100.00
EXTRA Early Bird Registration (for Chocolatiers & Guests)* 2/9 – 3/31 $125.00
Early Bird Registration (for Chocolatiers & Guests) 4/1 – 5/30 $175.00
Regular Registration (for Chocolatiers & Guests) 6/1 – 7/24 $225.00
Friday Dinner Guest $75.00

*Chocolatiers within QS can register for $125 always.

*New Chocolatiers who join on or after 2/9 get this rate anytime they register from now through conference. You need to call Field Services to get this rate – 866-922-3683.

How to Register

  • Log on to the Chocolatier Connection and scroll down to Learn & Develop> Conference Registration.
    • Select Registration from the Select a Category drop down menu.
    • Choose your registration type and click Add to Order.
    • Registration ends on 7/22/16 at Midnight PDT. You don’t want to miss this event!
  • Click here for Conference Terms and Conditions. Updated: February 2016

Tips for keeping costs down

  • Register early to receive the BIGGEST conference discount.
  • Book your air flight sooner rather than later. Check out some of the online discount travel websites; e.g.,,, and
  • Share rides with friends and fellow Chocolatiers to and from airports to cut down on taxi/shuttle fees.
  • Keep hotel expenses down by sharing a room with your fellow Chocolatiers. Most hotel rooms can accommodate four people – that’s ¼ the cost.
  • Check with your accountant, all of your expenses may be tax deductible